Richard Bastarache


+1 (514) 212-5647

Premium video content production in the Montreal and Toronto areas specializing in corporate video productions, event videography, photography, conferences, and music videos.


Since 2012 Richard Bastarache (AKA King Richard) and his team have been directing, shooting, and editing music videos for several artists in the Montréal and Toronto areas. From Reggae to Rock, Hip-Hop to Metal, we are able to work with any type of artist in order to bring their vision to life on screen. Whether it is a music video or a live performance, we have a personalized approach to each individual video. We can curate original, high quality videos for any artist and are able to suit any range of budget. 

Cape Cartel - The Matador (Official Music Video)

Notion ft. See - Something Inside (Official Video)

Cee - Meta (Official Video)

Cape Cartel - The Latter (Live at Lites Down)

RWorld - Catch Me (Official Music Video)

Jonathan Emile - Searching (Official Music Video)

Legacy X King. B - This Is A Banger (Official Video)

Cee - ...And You Know It Is (Official Video)

Jonathan Emile - 'NICCOLÒ (Official Video)

Showtime - Mr. Popular (Official Video)

Cee - Yeah ft. Notion (Prod. by Cool FD) (Official Video)

Cape Cartel - No One To Bear (Live At Lites Down)

Notion - Remember Me? (Official Video)

Cee - You Know It (Official Video)

Suela Feat. King. B - Ta Ka Ta Kam (Official Video)

Notion - Goin' For Gold (Official Video)

Common Holly - If After All (Live Session)

Jonathan Emile - Viva Fidel! (Official Video)                               

Tek Luciano - Screaming For Me (Official Video)

Cee x SVNTY6 - Amaliiia Rodriguez (Official Video)

Notion - Hurt Ft. Cee, Myer Clarity & Jonathan Emile (Official Video)

King. B X Chris Hoather - Crush (Official Video)

Friend Of All The World - All These Days (Live)

Dylan Konrad Obront - Chelsea Hotel #2 (Live)

Semantic Saturation - Lost and Found: Insanity (Official Video)

John Speed - Slip Sliding (The Grove Hall Sessions) 

Jamhaitian - I Don't Give A F*** (Official Video)

Jonathan Emile - Where We Go From Here (Official Video)

Cee - Separate Ways ft. Notion (Official Video)

Cee - Hazy (Official Video)

Jonathan Emile - Movement Music (Official Video)

Nnova - Papa Est Back (Official Video)

'Making Of' from the recording of Friend of All The World's album 'Rue-St-Louis'

Yamoussa Kora & Thousand Colours - Wakili

Living Together (Vivre Ensemble) 

Dylan Konrad Obront - That's Opera (Live at Casa Del Popolo)

Jonathan Emile - NDA (Let's Pray) Official Video

Jonathan Emile - A.G.E.S. (Official Video)

Friend Of All The World - Scouting (Live)